Eurostat is working on an EU survey on gender-based violence, to be carried out by national statistical institutes with results expected in 2023. Accurate data on the problem is key to developing efficient and effective policy and legal responses and to assess trends and progress. The Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts protect the fundamental rights of users of the digital space, and so contribute to making the internet safer for women. The European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy is tackling gender-based violence through ambitious measures aimed at supporting and protecting victims, and holding perpetrators accountable. Women are also disproportionately affected by harassment at work, where unequal power relations, low pay, precarious working conditions and stereotyping often leaves them vulnerable to abuse.

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  • Bridget (meaning “the exalted one”) is one of the top Irish girls’ names, but for a more traditional spelling, you could go with Brighid, pronounced BREEDG.
  • An Irish Republican revolutionary, suffragist, and socialist, Constance is remembered as a woman who gave up her wealth to live amongst and help the poor.
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  • With such unique and beautiful meanings, tones, and folklore, Irish girl names are particularly pretty with romantic sounds.
  • If you’re looking for Irish flower names for girls, this option is sweet and simple.

Saying that it is one of their charms. Another one of our reasons why dating an Irish girl is a good idea is because of slang. This is an element of Irish culture which can be seen in all 32 counties. Ever wondered why dating an Irish girl is a good idea? Well, firstly, known worldwide is Irish culture.

The EU Strategy on victims’ rights aims to ensure that all victims of all crime, including gender-based violence, can fully rely on their rights. The European Institute for Gender Equality estimates the cost of gender-based violence across the EU to be €366 billion per year, with the costs of violence against women amounting to €289 billion (79%). The cost of domestic and intimate partner violence – of which 87% is carried out against women – is estimated to be €175 billion.

Irish women’s rights and equality in the EU

When not exploring Ireland and finding out its secrets, Conor can usually be found working on his own supernatural novel series. An Irish Republican revolutionary, suffragist, and socialist, Constance is remembered as a woman who gave up her wealth to live amongst and help the poor. From politicians to singers, sports stars to pirates, the most famous Irish women of all time have played many important roles both in Ireland and further afield. The most famous Irish women of all time have achieved great things and have had a significant influence across the world. Here are the top ten.

It brings to attention the ongoing challenges faced by women poets in a male-dominated publishing sphere. Along with the poetic texts are biographical and critical essays contributed by the foremost scholars in the field. Specially commissioned by Alexander Street, the essays provide valuable historical context and insightful literary analysis for student and professor alike. For some of the poets, the essays will be the only substantial scholarly assessments available.

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Scáthach. With the mysterious meaning of “shadowy,” this is the name of another female Celtic warrior.

Ireland Before You Die is the biggest Irish travel and culture website. We highlight the most inspiring experiences Ireland has to offer. Sadly, she was shot dead in 1996 at the young age of 37. Her death shook the nation and triggered the most extensive criminal investigation in Ireland’s history. Her impressive legacy is one that will undoubtedly live on.

Ireland has a legislative female election candidate quota of 30% to support an increase of women in parliament. The General Election in February 2020 saw 36 women (22.5%) elected out of a total of 160 TDs in Dáil Éireann. However, that’s still below the EU average of 33% of seats in national parliaments in 2022. Women are still significantly under-represented in decision-making positions in all fields across the EU, with only a minority making it to the highest positions in political, economic and social institutions.